DevOps Bootcamp at Renoleap

An intensive 13-week Bootcamp that combines lectures from the best industry experts mentoring to give the Bootcamp participants theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow them smoothly integrate as Renoleap employees.

FULL Training IN
13 weeks

Our syllabus

Become a DevOps expert in 13 weeks and secure your future & career path in the High-Tech industry!

Practical experience in scripting / programming Ability to learn and apply vast amounts of knowledge in a short span of time Ready for an intensive learning period.
Ability to write effective scripts, handle text processing and manage errors.
VCS & Git
Ability to setup, manage and use git. Understanding of basic branching strategies.
Ability to dockerize applications in an effective manner.
Ability to write python scripts, implement REST services and function in a development team.
Networks, Application topologies, Docker Compose
Ability to implement popular runtime topologies using docker.
Jenkins, CI Pipelines
Ability to install, configure and use Jenkins to implement CI pipelines, Multi branch pipelines and advanced CI / CD patterns using groovy and cloud.
AWS for Devops
Ability to configure secure networks and use central AWS services.
Infrastructure as Code
Using Terraform to provision cloud resources and manage environments.
Kubernetes and Helm
Ability to setup and configure K8S clusters. Ability to deploy both stateless and stateful application topologies over K8S cluster
Ability to implement Ansible as part of an overall CI/CD process.
Logging and Monitoring
Ability to setup and configure monitoring and alerting using ELK, Prometheus and Grafana.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect
When you're finished Renoleap Boothcamp, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to securely design advanced implementations using various AWS services, and you'll also be highly prepared for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification exam.